A local company is hoping to make people all over the country feel more safe when outside exercising or going out on their own with a product that launches Tuesday.

Revolar is launching its "Instinct" product on Indiegogo. The product is a small button that people can wear attached to jogging clothes, or on a keychain. It's designed especially with women in mind so that they can go out and feel safe as they are exercising or exploring new places.

Click the button once, and it will let a pre-set group of people know that you are home and safe. Two clicks and your friends will know where you are, and that you have concerns. Three clicks and the people on your list will be instructed to send emergency responders to your location.

The idea comes from the cofounders of the company, Jacqueline Ros and Andrea Perdomo, and the company is a graduate of the TechStars program in Boulder. It's now based in Denver and has more than 20 employees.

Not only is the company's new product launching today, but going along with the theme of women in technology, today is also #20PercentCounts day. A number of businesses will offer 20-percent-off sales to highlight the fact that women on average make 20 percent less than men.

Event for the week

And then keeping with the theme, for an event there's a free showing Thursday of a documentary designed to encourage women to start their own companies. The film is called Go Against The Flow, and it will be shown at General Assembly, which is a training center. (A recent graduate of a GA program in User Interface design is now an employee at Revolar.)

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