Gary Shapiro sat down with 9News Technology Expert Scott Yates to talk about a new tool to help those who are helping aging family members who need more care than they can get at home.

Mimi is a tool to help people find residential care for aging relatives. They can help family members find large residential homes, or "Care Homes" which aren't as well known. These are smaller homes with full-time care located in neighborhoods, usually without even a sign on the front door. They are just homes. If you can find one, they can sometimes be a better solution for a family.

They can be hard to find, though, which is where Mimi comes in.

They are still small, one of the large number of small companies working at a coworking space around town. They graduated from the Boomtown Health accelerator program.

Also, it's a team of three founders, one part hispanic, one a Muslim from Pakistan an MBA from Northwestern, and one an immigrant from Europe. What they say is that they are stronger as a company for having different perspectives all in the room when decisions are made.


For an event, we can't tell you the agenda, in part because it hasn't been set yet, but the Boulder Denver New Tech meeting in Denver is always a fun gathering at the Commons on Champa.

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