Gary Shapiro sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about an app that can save money for people who wear contact lenses.

As anyone who wears contacts knows, a prescription only lasts one year. After a year the wearers must make another visit to a doctor's office, even if the prescription hasn't changed at all and they have no health troubles with their eyes.

A new company is aiming to make that better, using an app.

The company is called Simple Contacts, and it doesn't replace an ophthalmologist. Instead, an app on your iPhone (it's not yet available for Android) gives you a vision test, and records you taking the test. An ophthalmologist licensed in your state reviews the video of you taking the vision test, and approves you keeping the same prescription. You can then order new contacts from Simple Contacts.

To take the test, a user sets the phone 10 feet away and it shows letters that you recite out loud, just like at a doctor's office. The difference is that the test costs $10 instead of the $150 or more you might spend for an office visit.

Typically on the #TechTuesday segment we highlight only Colorado companies. This company is actually based in New York City, but the CEO, Joel Wishkovsky, started his startup life in Colorado, and still has deep connections to the state. Also, Colorado was just approved last week as a state where Simple Contacts can operate.

Before this company, Wishkovsky had been the CEO of a company that didn't survive. The reality of small businesses is that most of them do not make it five years, but those companies are not talked about very much, even though the founders of those companies often go on to do even better things. That will be the theme Wednesday night, October 26th, when theDenver Founders Network hosts a halloween event with no costumes, just horror stories. Founders will tell about startups they've worked at that failed, and share the lessons they learned.

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