KUSA - For a special July 4th #TechTuesday segment, 9NEWS anchor Noel Brennan sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about a startup that's designed to help create other startups, all run by military veterans.

The program is the Patriot Boot Camp, and it was created right here in Colorado.

While there won't be any push-ups and probably no yelling, this boot camp will be an intensive three-day training program, just for vets.

The early deadline to apply is coming up next week. The program happens in September.

And those selected for the "boot camp" will also get three months of free office space in a new program called "Veterans in Residence" at WeWork, a local co-working space.

The Patriot Boot Camp is a creation of another great Colorado success story, TechStars, working together with veterans and others. The CEO is not a veteran, but is a "proud veteran spouse." Indeed, the program is designed not just for active duty military and veterans, but their spouses, too.

While the Boot Camp was created here in Colorado as a TechStars project, it's run both here and in Texas and has run "boot camp" programs around the country, but this will be the first time the boot camp has actually been held in Denver.

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