LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The future of everything from appliances and TVs to cars is being unveiled at the largest consumer electronics show in North America, happening in Las Vegas this week.

CES 2016 officially opens Wednesday but we're already getting a look at some of the products that will eventually change your life.

Some of the biggest innovations are coming from the smallest companies as products from the home are getting a smart upgrade.

The light bulb was invented in the early 1800s and it serves a single purpose, but a company called Sengled is re-inventing the light bulb to do more than just shine light.

"The light bulb should be and can be reinvented," Robin Foreman, Marketing Director at Sengled, said.

The company puts speakers into lights where the music can be controlled from your phone. Other light bulbs double as security cameras, and there's even a light bulb that can boost your Wi-Fi.

Shower heads are getting an update too. Hyrdao has created the first smart shower head. Using your phone, you can monitor how much water you use and change the built-in light. The creators say you'll be able to save money by knowing how much water you use.

Most homes have a washer and dryer, but at Marathon they hope to do things differently. The small startup is taking on the big guys by creating a single smart machine that both washes and dries your clothes. The machine uses touchscreen technology and allows you to connect to the Internet for firmware updates, which means they can improve the machine functionality over time. The product will retail for around $1,100.

The One Smart Piano puts a new twist on learning to play, minus the teacher. Plug in your smart phone or tablet and the piano will teach you to play using an app. You can load dynamic sheet music where the highlighted note will corresponded to a light on the piano. Play the note on the piano and the sheet music will follow along.

These are just a few examples of how companies are re-inventing old products into new ways to change your life at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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