Jessica Oh joined 9News Tech Expert Scott Yates in front of Union Station Tuesday morning for a preview of the highest-stakes pitch competition this year in Denver.

Steve Case, the founder of AOL, will award $100,000 to one of eight local companies who will be presenting their business to Case and a panel of local startup experts.

Case previewed the event on the air, and Gov. John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock also stopped by to show their support for the startup event.

The eight companies are:

  • Airstream Health
  • Bitsbox
  • Couragion
  • DZee Solutions
  • Flytedesk
  • FairWords
  • Helper Helper
  • LoveTheWild Co.

The pitch competition will come at the end of a day where Case and a group of investors and others will tour Denver in a bus painted with the logo of the project, dubbed Rise of the Rest. The tour is designed to highlight great startup activity outside of the Silicon Valley.

The tour will make stops at Battery 621, Industry Denver, HyperLoco, and several others.

We will bring you results of the pitch competition here on

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