KUSA - Along U.S. 36 between Louisville and Broomfield the collection of sleek office buildings in the Interlocken office park all seem to be full of tech businesses doing something.

But what?

Many different things, undoubtedly, and we found one example that Gary Shapiro sat down to talk to 9News technology expert Scott Yates about.

Confidence Interval is a small firm now, only four people, but it's growing (and hiring) in the fast-growing area of helping other small businesses figure out just what is working with online advertising -- and what isn't working.

It's easy to spend lots of money on, for example, Google advertising. It's harder to know exactly how effective that advertising is unless you spend a great deal of time learning about all of the analytics tools. If you don't have that kind of time, Confidence Interval can help.

It's one of hundreds of great examples of small companies that employ people who are comfortable with data, and underscores the opportunities that exist for anyone willing to learn those skills.

Summer networking event

Of course, one great way to explore this new world of technology and data is to meet some of the people who work in that world. There's a great opportunity for just that Thursday night in Boulder.

Sometimes summer events can be hard to organize, so this is a mashup of six different groups all holding one big event with networking along with beer, a mainstay of tech events in Colorado. There will also be coffee and other beverages. Details are here.

One of those six groups, "Analyze Boulder," is organized by a data analyst at Confidence Interval. Her name is Jennifer Zawacki and her Twitter description may be the most archetypal Colorado millennial technology worker description you will find: "Turning data into information to help people make better decisions. Unless it's a powder day."

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