The intention of the new Snap Map feature on Snapchat might come from a good place, but if the idea of your internet acquaintances being able to see your location unsettles you a bit, don’t worry: you can opt out of it.

The feature was rolled out on Thursday. The idea, according to Snapchat, is to show where you are so people can hang out with you, since lots of people post snaps with that very intention.

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But, if you’re saying to yourself: “If I want people to hang out with me, I’ll just text them and tell them personally, instead of letting them figure it out on Snapchat … BECAUSE I’M FRIENDS WITH MY EX THERE, DARN IT” here’s how to opt out:

-Open up the app after installing the latest update

-Pinch the screen, allowing you to activate maps.

-If you haven’t already enabled this feature, Snapchat will ask you to enable location access.

-Next, maps will ask if you want to be visible. Select “ghost mode” if you don’t want anyone to see where you are. You can also turn off location access in settings.

It’s a super easy process, but you can obviously also leave your location enabled on the map, if you feel totally comfortable with who your friends are on Snapchat.

Snapchat says the Snap Map only updates when you open Snapchat.

You can see a video about the feature here:

Can’t see the video? Click here:

h/t: Buzzfeed