Sometimes in life, you just become immune to things, no matter how important the lessons may be.

You know to watch out for motorcyclists. You’ve probably seen the Colorado Department of Transportation’s big signs telling you to do just that – but everyone can always use another reminder.

And that’s the goal of a new statewide safety campaign launched by CDOT and Groove Auto on Tuesday.

This campaign places reminders for drivers to check for motorists in unexpected places, like wrapped around a small fleet of vehicles and on the mirrors of Groove’s showroom vehicles.

The campaign also includes truck-side billboards, radio spots and online ads.

Why is this important? Motorcycle crashes are up 58 percent over the last four years in Colorado, and fatalities hit an all-time high of 125 deaths in the state.

That’s a lot of lives – and that’s why it’s important to pay attention.

These random reminders might save a life.