Between 1929 and 2015, 59 state transportation employees have died on the job.

On Wednesday, they were each honored as part CDOT Remembrance Day.

The names of each highway employee who had lost their life was read and a moment of silence was held in their honor.

CDOT also said that Remembrance Day is the perfect time to stress the importance of driving slowly and safely through work zones.

"Just show that respect. On my way down to work today, it was that same thing. We went through a work zone and everybody was going 10 to 15 miles faster than me and I wish I just had a light of reminder. Not necessarily to pull them over, but just to remind them," said Beth Carlsberg a program assistant with CDOT.

CDOT says there were seven work zone fatalities last year in Colorado. Statistics show one work zone fatality occurs nationwide every 15 hours.