There could be changes coming for those who use the express lanes on Interstate 25 and U.S. 36.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is going over the numbers from the last two years and trying to figure out if adjusting the toll fees will make for a smoother ride for more drivers.

CDOT communications manager Megan Castle says in some areas, things are flowing just right but in others could use some attention.

“Looking at the express lane you want to price it to manage congestion, you want the prices to be just in the right spot. Some were a little off they were a little too high and a little too low,” Castle says.

CDOT wanted to take a new look and try to balance the times before and after the busiest parts of the day.

“They got the peak rush hour from morning to night right but it was the shoulder times before and after that rush hour time,” Castle says.

CDOT also took a look at the data to figure out the exact numbers on the proposed changes. “From Boulder to Denver there is going to be about 40 cents decrease,” Castle says.

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That's if you travel the during the most expensive time in the morning.

Instead of paying $8.75 you would pay $8.35 with the proposed toll fee changes, but that’s just one way.

“From Denver to Boulder, you may see as much as a 75-cent increase,” Castle says. That increase hits your wallet if you're driving during the highest priced time in the afternoon.

Right now, you pay $7.30. The increase would have you paying $8.05, which equals $3.75 more a week and $15 more per month.

“They may not travel the entire quarter, they may try to get on at McCaslin and get off at Sheridan," Castle adds.

If that's this case, the prices would be cheaper but would still vary depending on the time of day you travel.

CDOT also encourages all drivers that use the express lane to get a pass because it saves you a lot of money versus what you would pay if you got a bill in the mail from using your license plate.

The group that manages the express lanes will have a meeting next month and decide to approve the proposed changes, if they vote yes, the fees would change by July 24.