Work begins this weekend on a project to ease congestion on southbound Interstate 225 where it approaches Interstate 25.

CDOT said the section from Yosemite Street to I-25 is one of the worst bottlenecks in the area.

"It would take about $65 million to widen the roads and the bridges to really to do a long-term type of project that would bring benefits over many years. We simply don't have that magnitude of funding," said Tamara Rollison, a spokesperson for CDOT.

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Instead, they plan to utilize the shoulders and restripe the roadway to add a third lane.

"What we're doing is we're maximizing the pavement we have, we're just using it more efficiently. We will be able to loosen up that bottleneck and reduce those delays by more than 50 percent," Rollison said.

She said right now during peak travel times backups can stretch up to three miles.

As part of the project, CDOT will also restrict access from the DTC Boulevard on-ramp to southbound Interstate 25. Permanent concrete barriers will be in place by Sunday morning.

"Traffic will not be able to weave left to get on to I-25 southbound. They are going to be restricted to I-25 Northbound," said Rollison. "That is going to cause an inconvenience for those travelers. They will need to use other points. They either can go north to Hampden or they can go south to Belleview."

Drivers who typically use that route for their morning commute are asked to allow some extra Monday to navigate the changes. CDOT says they understand not everyone will be pleased, but believe the benefits are worth it.

"For every one person who's going to be inconvenienced about 12 people will benefit," said Rollison. "They'll be able to get through that heavily congested area of 225 a little bit quicker."

All of the work will be completed during the overnight hours to minimize the impact. They expect it to be complete by the end of the month.