It may have taken a while longer than normal, but the cold has settled in and the snow is returning.

That means it's time for the annual winter driving safety story.

BUT before you roll your eyes, 9NEWS has some good reminders that often go overlooked.

These reminders revolve around Codes 15 and 16, both of which revolve around dangerous road conditions.

Code 15, or the ‘traction law’ states drivers must have one of three things to drive on Colorado roads when CDOT announces it’s in effect.

  1. Mud and/or snow tires
  2. 4x4 or all-wheel drive with tires at least an 1/8 of an inch thick
  3. Good old fashioned chains

There's also Code 16, which is a last ditch safety effort before CDOT closes the highway.

It mandates every car, truck, SUV, or other road vehicle uses chains if it wishes to be on the road.

It's rare, but CDOT did implement Code 16 during our blizzard this past March so it doesn't hurt to carry a pair of chains in your trunk.

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If you’re involved in an accident or your car slides and requires state patrol assistance, you could be fined up to $600.

Another good reminder is to resist the urge to puff -- another term for running your car to keep it warm before actually getting in.

As of August, it's now legal to puff statewide as long as you have a remote car starter that can keep the keys out and doors locked, but police have long said it invites car thieves.