Whether you're driving to work or to Wyoming on Monday for the eclipse, Colorado State Patrol suggests giving yourself extra time while on the road.

The Great American Eclipse takes place August 21. It will pass over Casper, Wyoming at 11:42 a.m. That is the closest city to Denver where the eclipse in totality can be seen (meaning the moon will completely block out the sun).

State troopers expect a substantial increase in traffic on the already crowded highways.

Wyoming is estimating 600,000 people will travel to the state for the once-in-a-lifetime event. That's more than its current population. Many of those people will drive through Colorado to get there.

CSP officials ask drivers not to stop on the side of the road to catch a glimpse. Drivers who do that could get a ticket.

Due to the thousands of drivers expected to travel for the eclipse, for the first time first responders created four task force teams for Interstate 25 and Highway 287 to help get to emergencies faster. Troopers, deputies and police officers are teaming up with firefighters, tow truck drivers, ambulance crews and CDOT workers.

"We have not done this at this level primarly because we have not had an event we think is going to bring this high of volume of traffic to the area," said CSP Major Tim Keeton.

Starting at sundown Thursday night, there is a restriction for overweight and oversized vehicles traveling in Colorado. Large loads are not allowed to drive north of Highway 50, which runs east-west in central Colorado, until sunrise on Wednesday August 23.

Traffic is expected to be heavy on Monday night into Tuesday morning as people return home from Wyoming.