Here they come: they're bigger, they're badder and they're brighter. Ten new stop signs are coming to Aurora in an attempt to stop all the speedy drivers there.

The solar powered, edge-lit LED signs are a part of a $200,000 project to help with traffic issues. The next phase includes 15 permanent radar speed limit signs which will be installed in the next few weeks.

Neighbors along East Florida Avenue told 9NEWS they are glad the new stop signs were installed, but the slow down is slow-coming.

Aurora Public Works is trying to speed that along by talking with the police department to increase enforcement near the signage.

Some locations for the new signs were based on residents' concerns about people speeding and running through stops in their neighborhoods.

"If there is a documented accident pattern, perceived concerns about stop sign running, or documented stop sign running, we try to find those locations, work with council and citizens and spread the stop signs throughout the city to get an even distribution," said Victor Rachel, principal engineer for the Aurora Public Works Department.

Arapahoe County also has blinking stop signs. Two were recently added at the intersection of East Florida Avenue and South Uinta Way. They cost is $1,600 each.

It may look like there is a camera on top of each of the Arapahoe County signs, but a county spokesperson said it is a motion detector that turns on the lights when a car approaches - that way it doesn't waste too much energy.

Looking for the full list of these brand new stop signs - STOP! You've come to the right place:

Aurora Radar Speed Signs (Future Locations)

1. Del Mar Pkwy westbound from Del Mar Cir
2. Hoffman Blvd westbound from Potomac St
3. Baranmor Pkwy eastbound from Quari St
4. 30th Ave westbound from Sable Blvd
5. Kentucky Dr westbound from Havana St
6. Kalispell Way southbound from Alameda Pkwy
7. Wesley Ave westbound from Chambers Rd
8. Dillon St southbound from Iliff Ave
9. Harvard Ave eastbound from Blackhawk St
10. Florida Ave eastbound from Joliet St
11. Florida Ave westbound from Peoria St
12. Atchison Way northbound from Quincy Ave
13. Pheasant Run Pkwy northbound from Smoky Hill Rd
14. Gartrell Rd southbound from Aurora Pkwy
15. Gartrell Rd northbound from Inspiration Ln

Aurora Edge‐Lit LED Stop Sign Locations

1. 11th Ave eastbound at Vaughn St
2. Espana Way eastbound at Espana St
3. Florida Ave eastbound at Joliet St
4. Florida Ave westbound at Joliet St
5. Florida Ave eastbound at Moline St
6. Florida Ave westbound at Moline St
7. Florida Ave eastbound at Oakland St
8. Florida Ave westbound at Oakland St
9. Helena St southbound at Jewell Pl
10. Plymouth Dr eastbound at Tallyns Reach Pkwy

Arapahoe County LED Stop Signs

1. East Florida Avenue and South Uinta Way
2. South Fairplay Street and East Mineral Avenue