If you read the words “street sweeping” in the headline and had a moment of panic (regardless of how good you are at reading signs …), then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Tuesday morning’s spring storm has forced Denver Public Works to cancel street sweeping for the day. That means, unless you messed up your parking in another way, you won’t get a ticket quite yet!

But before you get over-confident, remember this: they’re starting sweeping again on Wednesday – so be sure to read the signs on your street, unless you want to wake up to a yellow slip of paper that’s sure to ruin your day.

Last year, the city of Denver made $6.9 million off of street sweeping tickets. April 4 (Tuesday) was supposed to be the first street sweeping day of 2017, but Mother Nature decided to show who’s really boss and put that off.

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For the record, the tickets aren’t just a money-making thing. You’re supposed to move your car so crews can sweep all the way to the curb line and remove dirt and debris, so it stays out of the air and water.

Last year, Denver Public Works maintenance crews swept more than 143,000 lane miles – and collected nearly 63,000 cubic yards of dirt and debris.

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Denver Public Works tweeted that the streets that "weren't hit" will be swept May 2, the first Tuesday of May.