The Colorado Department of Transportation calls it one of the worst bottleneck traffic jams in the area.

If you drive it, you know trying to go from I-225 to I-25 in the Denver Tech Center can be a nightmare.

CDOT says it has a fix that will help the problem quickly and cheaply, but a lot of drivers will have to change their habits.

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"We want to give back time and their life to motorists," Tamara Rollison with CDOT said on Wednesday.

CDOT came up with this plan:

  • To turn the shoulder of I-225 south starting at Yosemite into an additional lane all the way to I-25.
  • People already driving on I-225 will be able to get onto I-25 going in both directions.
  • But those using merging from Yosemite, DTC Boulevard and Quincy Avenue will be blocked going south on I-25.
  • CDOT is putting up a concrete barrier.

"There isn't enough room to safely merge onto I-25 south," Rollison said.

The barrier would cut down on people weaving in and out of traffic, but as people find new ways to go south on 25 -- including possibly re-routing through I-25 north -- it could impact traffic there.

CDOT says this is just a fix for now.

"It is a interim solution," Rollison said. "It will help with the traffic we have now until we can have a permanent fix, but something needs to be done now to ease the traffic. We just don't have the funds to fix the roadways and meet the skyrocketing demands of the traveling public."

Adding lanes and rebuilding bridges in this area would cost around $65 million, according to Rollison, who says this project costs less than $1 million.

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"We are making the best use of what we have," Rollison said.

The work will begin later this month, but completion could take around a few weeks to finish once it begins.

That work will happen at night and money will come out of CDOT's budget.