In downtown Glenwood Springs, the historic Hotel Denver has been operating as a hotel for 100 years.

For the past few decades, it's been owned and run by April Carver and her husband Steve.

"[A] few months ago we celebrated 25 years." Carver said.

Now she and Steve are taking that experience and putting it into another piece of Colorado history.

“We never anticipated owning it, but it’s a real gem,” Carver said.

The couple landed a downright bargain. They purchased the historic Redstone Castle between Aspen and Glenwood Springs for $2.2 million when the building and its land were put on the auction block.

“It’s a big place; there’s 150 acres. This home has 42 rooms and is 23,000 square feet,” Carver said.

They scored that plus a few other buildings and a carriage house all built by Charles Osgood back in 1902 when it was a home, then a lodge where two presidents stayed.

These days it’s a protected historic landmark that people can tour -- something the new owners plan on continuing on Saturdays and Sundays.

“We plan to keep that uninterrupted as long as we can,” Carver said.

That tour could open up even more of the castle from getting peek inside the massive safe Osgood used to seeing the carriage house and the servant’s quarters.

“I think Downton Abby has us all interested in the servant areas too, and I would like to show that,” Carver said.

The Carvers also plan to turn some rooms into large bed and breakfast suites, while sticking to the exterior and rare interior historical easements of the castle.

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