For all you commuters that have been waiting, there's a bit of progress happening with the G-Line.

Testing of the G-Line will start Wednesday, June 14, the Regional Transportation District said in an online press release. Rail trains will run from Wheat Ridge through Arvada and into unincorporated Adams County.

The first phase of testing will have a few trains running Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The number of trains and their frequency will increase as testing progresses.

As RTD’s Twitter warns, horns will sound in testing, up to the opening of the G-Line. Operators have to sound them until quiet zones at the crossings are established.

Testing right now is on the communication systems, signaling systems and traffic and rail signals at railroad crossings.

The tests may last about 90 days, and RTD asks that you watch and obey all signs at railroad crossings and familiarize yourself with the train’s new activity.

Those who are curious and want to watch the tests are asked to do so from “safe, publicly accessible spaces,” with construction areas at the stations and various places along the line off limits.

As we previously reported in our coverage of the A-Line's troubles, while RTD is allowed to test the G-Line it cannot be opened and running until the A-Line works correctly.