KUSA - In Twin Lakes, drivers and riders like Ron Hyatt are still rolling through town after many of the summer business there have closed for the winter.

“I’m on a motorcycle trip through the Colorado Rockies and I lucked out on the weather, “Hyatt said.

Like many others, he is on his way to Independence Pass at a time of year when Tracy Trulove with the Colorado Department of Transportation says they usually start closing the road.

“We were actually looking at a target date of November 7 to close it,” Trulove said.

This year has been different.

The pass is still open—later than normal—because so far the road is clear without any snow to close it.

“The road has been dry, and even on days when we get a little snow the sun comes out and hits it and we get dry conditions,” Trulove said.

Last year, Independence Pass had one of its latest closing days— shutting down for the season on November 12, but this year looks to go well beyond that.

“In my time here, I haven’t seen it open until mid-November,” Trulove said.

Which is great timing for Hyatt

“I just lucked out,” he said. “I happened to be here when the weather is perfect.”