Becky Ditchfield may be in Denver but she is not working on Denver weather today.

KHOU in Houston was forced to evacuate their studio due to flooding from the Hurricane Harvey.

They moved to a remote location in Houston.

This remote location does not have the same access to weather modeling and graphic designs that they would normally have in a fully equipped, specially designed studio.

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KHOU is relying on sister stations to step-up to the plate and ensure viewers have all of the information they need to stay as safe as possible.

This is why we had two meteorologists in the 9NEWS Denver Weather Center on Monday morning.

Marty Coniglio will continue to work on Denver and national weather.

Becky Ditchfield is here to support KHOU with Hurricane Harvey.

Using only their cell phones, KHOU meteorologists are doing a great job of tracking the storm and communicating to Becky what they need and what to look for.

Becky is here in the Denver station fielding their calls, texts, and emails and sending back the information they need.

KHOU viewers might notice the graphics are slightly different, each stations look is unique, but we want southern Texas to know they have a nation of meteorologists trying to get them the graphics they need to stay safe.

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