Lime-sized hailstones are responsible for closing the Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood until Wednesday. 

Monday’s storm pelted the roof for 15 minutes, causing parts of the roof to break and flood the mall.

As many as three inches of water filled most of the mall, forcing security to close the mall and forcing stores to get new inventory.

“Imagine if you had like a rain shower head. That's what it was like coming down from the ceiling of the mall,” said Devon Desmet who was shopping inside the mall when the roof began breaking.

“There was rain. There were puddles inside the mall. All the stores are closing down,” Desmet said.

Hundreds of cars in the mall’s parking lot were damaged as well. Baseball-sized holes in the rear windshield were commonplace, while dents were even more so.

<p>Colorado Mills Mall damage, Stephanie Ann Follansbee</p>

In a statement a spokeswoman for the mall said they are still assessing damages so estimates are not yet available.

They are not sure when the mall will reopen.

9NEWS viewers have sent photos of cars in the parking lot that sustained broken back windows and windshields.