Colorado Mills Mall remains closed for the third straight day after a hailstorm pounded roofs and shattered windows across the Front Range.

The mall said in a Facebook post Thursday morning that crews are working to assess what repairs are needed, and they’ll announce a reopening date when they have a better idea about the scope of the damage.

Lime-sized hailstones rained down on the mall Monday afternoon, causing parts of the roof to break and water to flood the building.

The Colorado Mills mall has been shut down ever since Monday's big hail storm.

Store managers were allowed back in to check on the damage for the first time Thursday, one of them describing the scene as eerie.

Water still drips from the ceiling, though not nearly as bad as it was on Monday when up to three inches of water flooded shops.

“Yeah it's tough in there,” said Daniel Belger who manages NYS Eyeware.

Some stores, like Belger’s, are lucky and only have to replace carpet while others have to throw out entire shelves of inventory.

“I don't think anybody realized how damaged it is in there,” added Anna Girard whose body shop needs a completely new bathroom. “I don't really know what to do. How am I going to make all this money up?”

In total, Girard expects the 8-percent surplus in her body shop to turn into a 10-percent deficit with no word on when she and her team will be able to start making up ground.

“It really sucks because my store was [reaching its set goal] every single month, and we were number one in our district for a really long time. Now I don’t know what to do,” she said.

The mall hasn't been in touch with its stores except to say they were allowed in on Thursday. Its website has the same message posted saying it is intent on opening ASAP while ensuring safety of patrons.

Dozens of construction workers spent Thursday removing water from the mall’s floors and patching up broken skylights in the roof.

Colorado Mills Mall has not said how much repairs on the mall will cost.

The movie theater across the street remains closed as well, but it plans on opening on its own schedule.

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Hundreds of cars were left in the mall’s parking lot overnight with massive holes in their windshields caused by the large pieces of hail.

In what probably is a surprise to no one, insurance claims for damaged vehicles and homes are peaking after the storm.

State Farm – the state’s largest insurer – said as of Thursday afternoon they have received approximately 3,250 home damage claims and 12,600 auto damage claims.

This number is expected to rise as more people report damage.

As for Colorado Mills, it will update when it reopens on its Facebook page:

The mall is located at 14500 W. Colfax Ave. in Lakewood.