When you’re hanging holiday lights like Griff Gehring and his Colorado Treescapes crew it’s always nice to have nice weather.

“Off the top of my head it’s about 60,000 lights on 30 trees so this weather has been really nice," said Gehring.

As they work to hang lights in downtown Breckenridge there’s not a speck of snow in this dry October. Weather Watcher Rick Bly says they've seen half the normal amount of snow.

"This has been a meager October for snowfall we’re about 50 percent of average for snow,” said Bly.

In fact in his 120 years of records this October ranks as about the 18th driest which may not be a great sign for the season. Seventy percent of the time October reflects the snow season.

A dry October leads to a dry snow season while above average October moisture often means an above average snow season.

“Statistically over the years October is a good indicator of the amount of snow we will get for the season,” said Bly.

It’s big percentage but not set in stone. October of 2008 was dry but the following ski season ended well above average.

“Good 2008, 2009 season probably 25% above average,” said Bly.

Last October was a little below average but the season ended up right at average and by early November Griff and his crew were hanging lights during a three day snow storm.

“Wind blowing through the trees and the guys looked like they were climbing Everest or something,” said Gehring. “That’s why we are here a couple weeks earlier this year.”