It’s that time of year when the season changes … and so do the leaves.

Many take to the High Country to take in the scenery, but for some areas farther west, snow was what they saw this morning.

The day was just right for a drive up to the mountains near Georgetown.

“Coming up we couldn’t tell if it’s going to rain or be sunny but it turned out to be a nice fall day,” said Jeff Gardner. who drove up to see the fall foliage.

It was nearly impossible not to catch and take in the scenery and Gardner used the opportunity to perfect one of his favorite hobbies.

“I wanted to come out when the leaves were changing,” Gardner said. “I also like some of the lower growth and it turns yellow and orange and the mountains in the background.”

He wasn’t afraid to admit when he snapped the perfect picture.

“I think these look great if I do say so myself,” said Gardner showing off some of his pictures.

This was not the scene other areas were welcomed with this morning, some experienced the first snow.

“Its Colorado… not surprised at all. I can remember big snow storms even in the city this time of year,” Gardner said.

He is glad the snow didn’t make it to the area he drove to just yet, so he could enjoy the beauty fall has to offer.

“We’re just lucky to live here and not to many other places you can get this kind of scenery,” Gardner added.

He says it’s not just about taking pictures, he also likes to come up to the mountains because he feels it’s the best way to relax.

He did say he plans to come and take pictures of the area when you do start to get snow.