Golf courses were packed, the skate park was crowded and bar patios filled up fast Wednesday afternoon as

Denver enjoyed 80-degree weather ahead of the first expected snowfall of the season.

The city shattered the previous high record of 77 degrees set back in 1941.

Of course, the record heat is not typical this time of year in Denver. The average high temperature in November usually hovers around 51 degrees.

This time last year, a winter storm was just beginning to pound the front range. The foothills and the plains took the brunt of the storm, but parts of Denver picked up about five inches.

We’re not expecting that much snow on Thursday, but temperatures will dive some 40 degrees. It would also mark the first snowfall in Denver since April 30.

Before the drastic weather change, 9NEWS reporter Noel Brennan left the newsroom to see how people were enjoying a record-breaking 80-degree day.