A freeze is coming. Are you prepared? The Front Range is about to see its second snowfall of winter - with highs down in the 20s, a freeze is expected.

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Here are some helpful tips to prepare yourself for the storm (via our own team of weather experts and III - an insurance think-tank):

1) Clear out your gutters - with the leaves falling and all that, this detested household chore is necessary to let snow and ice clear out more easily.

2) Flush your sprinkler lines - Water in them will most likely freeze.

3) Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - this is something people should do more often, but if you're likely to turn on your heat for the first time this season, it's a good idea to make sure these are in working order.

4) Check for dead tree branches - with the added weight of even 1 - 3 inches of snow, branches can break and damage your stuff or even hurt someone

5) Prepare your car for the weather - Check your antifreeze levels, your oil levels, windshield wiper fluid, trade out for your snow tires if you have them. Maybe put some snacks and drinks in your car if you get stuck in traffic.

6) Turn sinks on a drip - if you're worried about your pipes freezing and potentially bursting, you can always turn them onto a drip to keep the water flowing.


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