KUSA - It’s part of the hurricane drill: stock up, board up -- and wait.

“It can happen very quickly, but there’s also a lot of anticipation for it. So, it’s just very stressful and it can be very significant,” said Chad Ginsburg, who just moved to Colorado from Florida.

An aerospace engineer, his house on Merritt Island on Florida’s East Coast, just went up for sale on Thursday.

“My wife and I are here relocating for new jobs, to be close to family,” said Ginsburg. “So, we packed up the house on Saturday and ended up outrunning Hurricane Matthew.”

Outrunning the storm, perhaps, but not its impact on their lives. Friends in Florida helped them out.

“We’re lucky we have really good friends and one of them went to the house and brought in all the loose items to bring in the house, so we didn’t have extra debris,” said Ginsburg. “And some other friends of ours went ahead and helped us put up our shutters, which we’re very thankful for.”

There was one silver lining.

“All my personal possessions are not at the house, they’re on their way to Colorado. I just tell myself, I’m pretty lucky with that,” Ginsburg said.

What comes next, though, may not be: a three to six foot storm surge is projected for where his home is.

“I didn’t factor potentially having to rebuild our house to try and sell it,” Ginsburg said. “So, I’m pretty worried about that.”

Ginsburg says after Hurricane Matthew passes, he plans to fly back to Florida to check on any storm damage to his home.