This month has already brought with it record heat that will continue into the middle of November.

It's made it difficult for some get into the holiday spirit, especially those prepping Denver's skating rinks, which are set to open a few days before Thanksgiving.

“Yeah it's just like spring skiing,” joked Brea Olson, communications director for the Downtown Denver Partnership which oversees the city’s Southwest Skating Rink at Skyline Park. “We're coming to work without coats on so it does make it a challenge to get into the winter spirit.”

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Brea and her crew have been working on prepping the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park for a few days, a tough task considering the recent weather.

“I mean I've only been out here one night but we'll be doing it for the next four or five days-- maybe even longer if needed,” said Ryan Dempsey who helps maintain the ice as temperatures drop overnight.

Typically ice rinks requires three or four consecutive days of sub 36-degree days and nights to freeze enough water to create thick, solid ice. Denver uses a life hack of sorts but running tubes of glycol—the same liquid used in refrigerators- underneath the rink to provide cool temperatures 24/7.

“Luckily we have a great cooling system to keep the ice very cold,” Olson said.

Crews will hover the temperature of the rink at precisely 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit each day, spraying a new layer of water on top overnight until the ice reaches a thickness of three to four inches.

“We're getting into that holiday spirit whether mother nature's coming with us or not,” Olson said. “we'll be open on November 22nd starting at 11 am and we can assure you that you need to bring your ice skates not your snorkel.”

It's free to skate.

If you need skates the rink will have them for $2 or a donated book.