Hey, it might not be the six inches some forecasts called for, but it's a good dress rehearsal for that little thing called winter, right?

You live in Colorado. We are not going to tell you common-sense things like to wear a jacket when it's cold out, or to give yourself extra time to get to work when it's supposed to take longer than usual to get to work.

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WHEN WILL THE SNOW END? Marty explains

What we will do on this snowy morning is show you what conditions are like throughout the state and give you the information you need to get to work or school safely. Here's a look at conditions from 9NEWS reporters in the field and from first responders:

I-70 in the mountains

Above 7,000 feet, the roads are icy and covered in snow. It's slow-going and the traction law -- which requires that cars either have snow tires or chains -- is currently in place.



Denver International Airport

The airfield is mainly wet, and although no major flights have been canceled, DIA says some small regional flights might be impacted by the storm. You can check the latest travel information at: www.flydenver.com.


It's actually pretty snowy in the mountains -- and very pretty! Here's a look at the winter wonderland up in Conifer.



Snow is accumulating on Highway 93 in Golden. TaRhonda Thomas says as of 5 am., you can't see all the lane markers.

We also spotted what appears to be snowy patio furniture.


More importantly, there has also been a plow sighting along 6th Avenue.

Finally, here are some very, very cold looking porta-potties.

Eisenhower Tunnel

Check out a live look at conditions there below!

Denver metro area

It's snowing, but it's too warm for anything to actually stick to the roads. This means there's just some wet pavement -- but it's still slow-going for folks on the highway. Check out the 9NEWS traffic map before you leave by clicking here!

A 9NEWS viewer has what appears to be a super cool fire pit -- and showed us a really cool shot of snow falling in Parker!