A cool and wet start to October has thrown off Colorado’s agricultural schedule, but you’re not going to hear many complaints from our farmers -- many of them are busy getting their winter wheat in ground.

The Dobler family in Burlington spent the entire day Wednesday in the fields completing the job. They usually have their wheat planted by now, but had to wait for the soil to dry out from the recent storm.

The moisture in the fields set them back a little more than a week, but it will be a huge benefit in the long run.

The forecast for the next couple weeks is for warm temperatures and lots of sunshine on the eastern plains, which is great for the wheat. It grows until December, goes dormant over the winter, then returns to life in the spring.

In the next week or two, Colorado farmers will begin to harvest their sunflower crop.

The flowers have now lost their signature yellow petals, but those valuable seeds are ready to be turned into cooking oil or snack food, both of which are produced locally here in Colorado.