On Monday, Denver saw its warmest November day ever.

The next day, the Mile High City was far more average: which means there was a nearly 40 degree temperature change.

The average temperature for the month of November is 46 degrees.

On Tuesday, Denver cooled down to 45 degrees over the lunch hour.

At midday on Monday, just 24 hours earlier, we were warmer than Cancun, Mexico, at a toasty 81 degrees. (We wrote a story about that)

Across the state, temperature differences were noticeable between Monday and Tuesday.

Southern Colorado saw the biggest jumps - with Trinidad cooling off a whopping 44 degrees between the two days.

Colorado Springs saw a 31 degree change, and Limon cooled off 34 degrees in the same 24-hour period.

On the Western Slope, the difference was less noticeable - Grand Junction and Gunnison had just single-digit drops.

The next big change will be winds, Meteorologist Becky Ditchfield says, moving in Wednesday into Thursday.