In a matter of hours, Denver will see its temperature drop nearly 40 degrees, from the low 70s to the low 30s and snow.

Despite this being fairly regular in Colorado, people don’t always prepare until they need to.

“I mean we call it procrastinator's paradise,” said Tim Sullivan, general manager of Big O Tires off Federal Boulevard in Denver. “As soon as we saw the weather report we knew [the influx] was coming.”

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On Sunday, Tim said customers in his store had to wait four to five hours for snow tires, even though he opened the store an hour and a half early.

“I've got 15 invoices and the shop is full right now - you could actually take a picture of that,” he said.

He said it’s for the usual pre-snow maintenance: tires, coolant, and windshield wipers, three things he said people should pay the closest attention to.

“Absolutely. A lot of people will wait until it's too late, and they hit the first black ice and then that jogs their memory that hey I should have checked my tires.”

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