More than five million people have now been told to flee the Florida coast.

And while not all will heed the warnings, there are still waves of people trying to escape the storm

Several flights landed at DIA on Friday night carrying some of those seeking higher ground.

They included Anthony Gimenez and his family, who fled from Sarasota.

Gimanez says he remembers being in Miami when Hurricane Andrew hit and he didn't want to go through that again.

"I was down in Miami after Hurricane Andrew so I kind of know what to expect. My biggest fear is to try to prepare our family for what they might see when they go back," he said. "It's pretty devastating to see that. Piles of trash and debris everywhere and possibly not even having a home."

A majority of the airlines in Florida had already shut down on Friday night. By late Saturday. the Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale airports are all expected to close as well.