When it comes to severe weather - it's important to have a plan.

The National Weather Service wants you to think 'get ready, get set, go' when you're listening to the forecast.

The main priority of the 9NEWS weather team is to give you the best, most accurate information as possible to help keep your family safe.

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We want to help explain the NWS' idea of 'get ready, get set, go' and what that phrase should mean to you during a severe storm.

"Get Ready" phase:

When we give you a severe weather outlook, this is the "get ready" phase.

  • Create a plan for the incoming severe weather
  • Build an emergency preparedness kit
  • Think about where you will go if you need to evacuate

"Get Set" Phase:

When there is a severe weather watch, this is when you "get set."

  • Pay attention to the forecast
  • Listen for a time frame when that weather is expected to hit your neighborhood
  • Be ready to implement your severe weather plan

"GO" Phase:

Once a severe weather warning is in place, this is your cue to 'GO.'

  • Take shelter IMMEDIATELY

The 9NEWS weather team just joined a new initiative created by the National Weather Service to help improve storm readiness across the U.S. 

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It's called 'Weather Ready Nation" and we are now a weather ready nation ambassador. This means we will work with other ambassadors to provide you the best, most accurate information to educate you about staying safe during extreme weather.