Thousands of people are dealing with the aftermath of Monday's storm which produced large hail that damaged homes, cars and businesses.

Many people will need to replace their roofs or siding and those jobs will require permits.

Wheat Ridge was hit particularly hard by the storm. A spokesperson for the city says they've seen a steady stream of permit applications since the storm. Residents or contractors needing permits are encouraged to visit the city's web site for resources.

In Denver, you can apply for permits in person or online through the city's web site. Once work is complete the work will need to inspected.

In 2015, after a large storm, the city began allowing qualified private, third-party roofing inspectors to do inspections after a re-roofing job was complete, and submit documentation to us. The policy is still in place and it can prevent homeowners and contractors from having to wait until a city inspector is available.

A spokesperson for Arvada estimates about 5,000 homes there will need new roofs. Licensed contractors can login to and apply for roofing permits online. Once the city verifies the information submitted, the contractor can then go online and pay for their permit and print it out for their customer.

The city says in the next few weeks permits for siding and windows will also be available online.

In Lakewood, roofing contractors can also apply for permits online. They can also get registered through the web site, which is a city requirement.

Homeowners can see a list of registered roofing contractors online as well as find tips to help them through the process.