"Wait," you’re saying to yourself, holding your pumpkin spice latte like your life depends on it, “it’s barely October. Quit talking about snow. STAHP” (a note to the grammar people out there who will inevitably email the newsroom: this is how millennials spell “stop”).

Well, calm down. This is Colorado, and Colorado does what it wants – especially in the High Country, which saw a pretty impressive fall snowstorm the last few days.

Here’s a look at the latest snow totals courtesy the National Weather Service:

- Steamboat Springs: 18 inches

- Breckenridge Summit: 15 inches

- Black Hawk: 9.3 inches

- Berthoud Pass: 12 inches

- Copper Mountain: 11 inches

- Avon: 10 inches

- Yampa: 9 inches

- Leadville: 8.1 inches

- Hahn’s Peak: 8 inches

- West end of Trail Ridge Road: 7 inches

- Nederland: 7 inches

- Red Feather Lakes: 7 inches

Closer to the Front Range, there was a dusting of snow on the Flatirons. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT THE SNOW.

You can also see the snow on higher elevations courtesy of viewer Bob Bennington, who took this picture from Rifle:

First snowfall of the season in Rifle, Colorado

If you don’t like the snow, remember that some people do – such as a Bernese mountain dog who happens to be a ski resort’s unofficial mascot.


This inquisitive elk also seems cool with the whole situation.

This little buddy -- spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park -- is starring into your soul.