Know anyone who’s on a warm weather vacation whereas you’re back at work?

You might have the last laugh. Denver beat the all-time temperature record for November, hitting 81 degrees. And it's only 1 p.m. -- it could get warmer!

How warm is it in Denver? Well, it’s warmer than Miami, Los Angeles, Tampa and San Diego, for one – and it's actually warmer than it is in Cancun!

Take that, people who are enjoying a relaxing beach vacation!

Seriously – here are the temperatures in these warm weather cities are of 12:50 p.m.

- Tampa: 77 degrees

- Miami: 76 degrees

- New Orleans: 64 degrees

- Honolulu: 76 degrees

- Cancun: 80 degrees

- San Diego: 63 degrees

- Houston: 73 degrees

But unlike in Honolulu, folks in Denver could see snow in the near-future.

Light snow is expected Monday night and Tuesday morning. Here’s Marty Coniglio’s forecast: