The hail storm Monday afternoon shattered windshields, ripped roof tiles off businesses and caused a big mess for homeowners.

At the first break in the storm, Denny Cunningham started to clean up the damage to his house in Denver's Berkeley neighborhood.

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All the front facing windows of his home shattered from the golf ball sized hail that broke the glass and damaged his roof.

"It's definitely something I've heard about but never seen in person," Cunningham said.

He cleaned up what he estimates to be about 150 pounds of ice and glass from his front porch. Cunningham also cleared out hail and branches from his gutters and assessed the damage to his roof.

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"It just looks like somebody had a ball-peen hammer and was smashing away at it putting dents. Mostly you can just see where the grit's been ripped off the shingles," he explained.

Down the road at W 46th Avenue and Tennyson Street, the roof tiles on the Olinger funeral home were shattered and came crashing to the ground, covering the driveway.

In downtown Denver, the hail caused more of a nuisance and snow shovels were brought out to move the piles of ice off the sidewalk. 

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On Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near Quebec, it was a more serious issue for drivers. Vehicles stalled as the water rose to the bottom of car doors.

"I could sometimes feel, while others car passed, it would rock my car a little bit. It was like waves coming," described Miranda Sutherland.

The hail ranged from the size of pebbles, golf balls, tennis balls and even egg-sized. It blew out State Patrol car windshields at Camp George West and poked holes in the siding of homes.

Insurance industry expert Carole Walker said if you have damaged property, get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible.

"Document, document, document, take pictures of the damage. You'll be meeting with your adjustor over the next few days. Be patient. The serious losses are going to take priority," said Walker.

Cunningham hopes a storm like this won't happen again soon. This will be his first time filing a large claim for his two cars and home.

"Just got to deal with it as it comes," he said.