It's been nearly a week since a hailstorm pounded much of the Denver metro area. The storm left millions of dollars in damage to cars, homes and businesses.

For people living in the Golden Terrace mobile home park in Jefferson County, recovery could take a while since many residents can't afford to pay for the damage.

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Bruce Happ, one of the residents, said the storm sounded like a freight train rolling through the area. He said it busted out five of the windows on his trailer.

"I bought two sheets of plywood just to button up the windows for now," he said.

Happ said he's lucky his trailer doesn't have vinyl siding because those are the homes that sustained the most damage. Unfortunately for Linda Spoonemore, hers is made of vinyl.

"The whole side of the house here is just totally damaged," Spoonemore said.

Spoonemore is retired and works part time at a beef jerky store at the Colorado Mills Mall. However, after the damage it sustained last week, she's out of a job for until further notice.

"They're not even letting anybody in the mall at this time," she said.

Spoonemore has lived in the Golden Terrace Mobile Park Home for 16 years. She said this is the worst hailstorm to hit the area since she moved in.

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For now, the best residents can do is wait for insurance companies to help them repair the place they call home.