A dreary, and rainy day in Denver Monday resulted in .90 inches of water in the rain gauge, at Denver International Airport, which is Denver's official weather station.

That's just four one-hundredths of an inch away from breaking the rainfall record for August 7, of .95 inches.

And it's more than was received in Denver throughout all of June and July. June totaled .33 inches of rain. There was .47 inches of rain measured there in July.

Monday's total now brings Denver up to 1.71 inches for the month of August, which is right at average for the whole month, and there are several more rain chances in the coming week.

Planning forecast

There were quite a few other impressive rain totals in the northeast Colorado Monday.

  • Castle Rock - 1.55 inches.
  • Arvada - 1.36 inches.
  • Watkins - 1.31 Inches.
  • Conifer - 1.04 inches.
  • Parker - 1.03 inches.
  • Highlands Ranch - .89 inches.

Denver's high temperature Monday was 68 degrees at 1:19 p.m. That was well below the average high temperature of 89 degrees, for August 7.

The forecast for the next 10 days, is for below average high temperatures. Upper 70's and low 80's for the Denver area. Denver averages forty 90 degree days a year, and with just two so far in August, we are at a total of 31.

It is not likely that we get a 90 degree temperature over the next 10 days.