We get lots of photos of clouds in Your Take, but when multiple people send us photos of the same one, why not make ourselves smarter and figure out what that thing is?

The cloud in question looked kind of a like a mushroom and was spotted in Longmont and Broomfield on Sunday. Check out a couple of photos below:

<p>A photo of the cloud as seen from Superior, Colorado</p>
A look at the cloud as seen over Longmont&nbsp;

5dd61712-fedc-4692-9ce5-fb61e1ed18d1One of the great things about working at 9NEWS is that we have some super smart meteorologists at our disposal. So, I sent photos of the clouds in question to Cory Reppenhagen. Here’s Cory’s short answer about what we’re seeing: it’s a decaying thunderstorm.He went on to say:“The storm built up quickly, aided by the slope and heating of the foothills. You can even see the classic anvil thunderstorm shape of the cloud. But it moved into stable air, and lost its ability to rise, so it collapsed. It's basically a very short-lived thunderstorm. These are common under high pressure with stable air, which we have seen a lot of lately.”So, if you saw a cool, mushroom-shaped cloud in Longmont this weekend, don’t be afraid: you can tell your friends it’s a decaying thunderstorm and sound smarter in the process!