The aftermath of Monday's tornado in northeastern Colorado can be seen and felt at the Carr family's farm near Pierce, Colorado.

The tornado touched down at their home off of County Road 88 in Weld County, northeast of Fort Collins, Colorado, about four miles away from Pierce.

According to the family, the 50-foot long, 12-foot deep, 14-foot tall cattle shed was picked up and tossed by the storm's high winds, leaving just one wall standing.

The shed was thrown more than 200 feet into the family neighbor's house and field.

Sandi Carr says it happened so fast. Around 3:30 the tornado blew through, taking the shed right next to where her 15-year-old daughter was staying.

Fences and pens were also damaged.

She joked since it was her anniversary she'll be getting a new cow shed as her anniversary gift!

Photos sent to 9NEWS show sides of the shed strewn about the yard, bent siding, and shards of wood stuck in the home's roof.