Snow started to fall Tuesday morning in the mountains, which means residents in the metro area need to get ready for the season.

More people are calling Colorado home and winter worries are starting to pop up.

Some 9NEWS staffers who are Colorado newbies have some common questions about what to wear, how bad the winters are and how to prepare vehicles.

"I don't have snow boots, I don't have warm wool socks, I don't have a hat, I don't have gloves," said news assignment editor Shaun Griswold who last lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Reporter Jonathan Gonzalez has lived in Colorado for two years and wasn't prepared for his first winter. He now has some hard-learned lessons to share.

"You need the gloves, you need the hand warmers that go inside the gloves, then you need the big, thick gloves, then you need the shoes and the boots," Gonzalez said.

News assignment editor Shakara Robinson lived in Wisconsin most of her life, but isn't sure what to expect this snow season.

"As a newbie to Colorado, some questions I have about the winters out here are: How long does it stick, how fast does it accumulate?" she asked.

Meteorologist Danielle Grant took this question.

"First of all, deep breath. We will get through Colorado's winter together. And that's kind of the beauty of Colorado's winter is the fact that we get snow, it's magical, that wintry white blanket outside your front door, but then temperatures warm up and then poof, it's all gone," Grant said.

Bradley Coufal is a TEGNA motion graphic artist who moved to Denver five weeks ago from Austin, Texas. His question stems from a hot topic during the cold winter months: Driving.

"Yeah, I don't know anything about snow tires or chains. So I'm curious to know what to do to prepare my car," Coufal said.

"Tires make all the difference. And you may think you have a good set of tires on your car but until you really do have a good set of snow tires or studded snow tires, you'll realize then, 'OK, I'm in control now. I can get to where I need to go,'" Eric Kehe said, 9NEWS chief photojournalist who has lived in Colorado for 49 years.

On Facebook, locals gave their tips and tricks to get through a Colorado winter.

"Boots that will actually keep your feet dry. Fashion won’t help your feet when the snow and slush can soak your feet," Sarah Presley wrote on Facebook.

"If we have a bad snow storm and you live next to an elderly person check on them and shovel for them for they will be very grateful," was Angie Purdy's advice on Facebook.

"Prepare for the worst (snacks, water, coat, hat, gloves, blanket and something to dig out... shovel, cat litter and cardboard for traction, chains if you're in the mountains," Linda Orlofsky said on Facebook.

"Native advice: Drive cautiously - test the road for ice and don't drive too fast for the conditions. Remember stopping on snow and ice takes a lot more road. Also the road conditions can change quickly so pay attention," suggests Catherine Calvert Nakai on Facebook.

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