Colorado finally got a significant amount of snow with a storm that moved through on Thursday.

Not only did it leave a couple of inches of snow around the metro area but it sent quite a bit of people to the auto shop.

Local mechanics say people were dropping by because their tire pressure lights were going off -- some drivers believed they had flats.

More often than not, the weather is to blame for your dashboard to light up that tire alert.

"Nobody really checks their tire pressure anymore, change of season obviously tire pressure gets lower as it gets colder," said John Martinez, a shop foreman at Anima Auto Repair in Aurora.

Our 9NEWS weather team explains this happens because when the temperature is colder the air in your tires is not moving around as much as in warmer weather which causes the air to condense -- decreasing your tire pressure.

Martinez says that's why when that light comes on during a major temperature change it's usually not because you have a flat.

"What that is, is the manufacturers have actually put this system on and when your tire pressure is low or at a certain point it will alert you before your tire is completely flat," said Martinez. "You really want to check your tire pressure once a week because it changes in temperature. It's real quick and easy to do tire gauges are inexpensive."

It's easy to check your tire pressure if you have a tire gauge. You can find the correct pressure in your car's manual or on the car itself.

"When you open up the door normally it's in the door jam, there's a placard that will tell you what size should be on your tires and what the proper inflation is," said Martinez.

If feel you need a mechanic to check it out most auto repair shops will check your tire pressure for free.

These are a few shops that offer that free service:

  • Amina Auto Repair
  • Big O' Tires
  • Discount Tires
  • Goodyear Auto Service
  • JiffyLube