A beginners guide to music fan armies

KUSA - What do the Beehive, Arianators, the Church Choir, and Swifties all have in common? Well, they're the super fans of some of the nominees at Sunday night's iHeartRadio Music Awards. In fact, they're so "super" that they aren't even considered fans anymore. These groups are fan armies, and they would take a "cyber bullet" on social media for their favorite artists. You can also count on them firing back some if they feel their leader has been disrespected.

This guide will help shed some light on why fan armies are considered nuts by "regular" fans , and why one of them will win the award for "Best Fan Army" tonight.

Fan Army: 5SOSFAM

Their Leaders: 5 Seconds of Summer

Known for: Creating a 5SOSFAM photo wall that contains 111 Polaroids stuck together with 222 pieces of tape. They showcased the wall in a lyric music video on YouTube set to the band's song "Tomorrow Never Dies"

Fan Army: Selenators

Their princess: Selena Gomez

Known for: Following the pop star from her role on the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place, to her music career. The Selenators think Gomez is a beautiful singer, and they will curse anyone who says she can't sing live.

Fan Army: The Swifties

Their number one girl: Taylor Swift

Known for: Sticking by T-Swift when she changed from a banjo-playing country girl....

to a Top 40 hit maker. The Swiftie army grew even larger after Swift crossed over.

Fan Army: Mendes Army

Thier favorite guy: Shawn Mendes

Known for: Helping 15-year-old Mendes be the youngest artist to debut in the top 25 with a debut song on the Billboard Hot 100. Now that's a reason to dance around your house.

Fan Army: Sheerios

Their British idol: Ed Sheeran

Known for: Creating a wiki How page on how to be a perfect Sheerio. Some of the more detailed steps include knowing the inspirations for his songs to the names of his guitars and tattoos.

Fan Army: Team Breezy

Their Headman: Chris Brown

Known for: Being the most loyal fans of the artist. They have stuck by Brown throughout all of his legal problems and stunts in rehab. They they think he is one of most well-rounded performers. You can bet that a good amount of Team Breezy will pass out every time he dances on stage.

Fan Army: Arianators

Their Idol: Ariana Grande

Known for: Being kind and friendly like Grande. They've seen her grow from a Nickelodeon child star to a top selling pop star. Grande credits the Arianators for helping her through the death of her grandfather, and also for making her Sophomore album "My Everything" reach platinum status.

Arianators be like...

Fan Army: The Church Choir

Their twangy king: Eric Church

Known for: Being so awesome that Eric Church created a choir loft behind the stage at his "Outsiders World Tour" concert. Those lucky fans were so close to the stage, that they were often eye to eye with Church. Those seats probably made some of them sing this...

Fan Army: Directioners

Their main squeezes: One Direction

Known for: Sobbing when Zayn Malik quit the group last week. He is reportedly working on a solo project. Now, the Directioners have begun a project to buy the band from their management. They've made a post on gofundme.com to raise $87.8 million dollars. So far they've only raised $1,763. It looks like they've got an expensive road ahead.

And then there's probably the scariest fan group of all time...

Fan Army: The Bey Hive

Their Queen: Beyoncé

Known for: Stinging anyone who downplays "Queen Bee's" talent or compares her to any other artist of this generation. They have flooded enemy social media accounts with emoji bees and crowns, as well as popular Beyoncé lyrics. Even other musicians like Kanye West have demanded "Queen Bee" get respect. He's ran on stage at awards shows twice to defend her honor.

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