DIY Caramel Apple Bar

Fix This: Caramel apple bar. 9NEWS at 8 a.m. 9/24/16.

FIX THIS - Creating a caramel apple bar is one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve seen in a while! It’s super easy to do. All you need is a muffin tin, lollipop sticks, melted caramel and or chocolate, apples (I like granny smith) and toppings of your choice. 


Oh… the decisions you have to make when it comes to that last one! So, instead of me making the choice - I asked everyone on Facebook. And since I was crushed for time this week, I picked the ones that looked like they’d be the easiest to assemble, and the easiest to find.


Here’s what you came up with:


Crushed oreos! Our friend, Jen Holliman, made this suggestion saying she loves it on hers.


Noodle Anderson loves honey roasted crushed peanuts and so do we!


Jamey Murphy was the first to suggest s’mores! (It was a couple of people’s favorite) Apparently combining two delicious desserts into one is a big hit!


Anna Kenison went the sweet and salty route, recommending crushed pretzels.


Looking for a healthier option? Melissa Lawson said, go for slightly sweetened oats or granola. Which sounded good to me! She says it adds a little extra crunch.


And finally, white chocolate and brown sugar. Melanie Towler says it’s the best combo ever. With that kind of a recommendation, how could we not try it out!




1. With my muffin tins filled up, I sliced my apple.


2. Next I grabbed some lollipop sticks (you can find these at the craft store), and placed them into each apple slice.


3. Dip your slice into either caramel or chocolate,  your choice.


4. Cover it in your favorite topping… and enjoy! 


The best part about this is, you can enjoy many different kinds of caramel apples in one sitting. Or if you don’t want a whole apple, make it a small snack! 

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