Why are food videos so addicting?

What are internet food videos so addicting? 9NEWS at 9/16/16.

FIX THIS - Have you ever stopped to watch one food video online and found yourself staring at a screen for hours? Yeah, we have to. Why are these videos so addicting?

To find out, let’s go straight to the source. Kelly Jensen and Amanda Kesting make the food videos you see on FixThis and 9NEWS.com

“Why are food videos so popular? Because people like to eat,” they said. "It’s something people like to associate with friends, parties, with sports - with everything basically.”

And there’s one ingredient that rules them all. Food kryptonite if you will. 

“The ones the have the best in the past it was a Guinness Irish cheddar mac and cheese that we posted on mac and cheese day. obviously did very well," said Kesting. "We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like cheese," Jensen chimed in. 

But don't try to just go off the video alone!

"There will always be a link with the full recipe attached,” says Kesting. Follow the recipe and use the video as a guide. And don't be afraid to try and fail. Not every recipe is a winner.  

To find out how to watch all the recipe videos, visit our Facebook video page.

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