Airlines are banning Samsung Galaxy 7 phones because of fire hazard

9NEWS at 6 p.m. 9/15/16.

If you're like me you've often wondered why they won't let you keep your phone on during a flight.

It always seemed like a pretty old school rule. Until recently.

"Please make sure your tray tables and seat-backs are in their full upright positions, your laptop and small electronic devices are stowed and your potentially explosive cell phone is off."

Not used to hearing that last part, are you?

We're hearing that is now part of the spiel on some flights, all because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. You know that phone you keep hearing about on the news? The one that prompted Samsung's COO to issue a scripted apology Thursday.

The same day, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled all the phones, which is going to cost the company a fortune.

The problems also have airlines warning folks to keep their phones out of checked bags, and totally off the entire time they are on board the plane. Several airlines like Delta and Southwest have posted on their websites about it, and made announcements at the gate.

We've also seen tweets from passengers, saying the airlines keep warning about the Galaxy Note 7 during the flight.

Woof. It's a public relations disaster for Samsung.

One they're trying to clean up.

More than 100 thousands phones have already been returned.

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