Brangelina's divorce in perspective

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There's one big divorce that's trending on almost every website today.

Yes, we know, "it's not news." And it's also not a joke. Divorce isn't funny, whether or not the couple is famous and has a nickname.

But we thought we'd add a little insight about the broader picture of marriage.



CDC's data shows that more than 1.6 million people get divorced each year in the U.S. A few of those people will be famous. Most are average Joes, and their divorces aren't getting any attention. They're just people who came to the conclusion that they were better apart.

It's 800,000 marriages dissolving into 1.6 million single people, which is twice the population of San Francisco.

More than 2,800 Denver couples divorces in 2015.



There are 2.1 million marriages every year in this country. That's according to the CDC, too. That means that 4.2 million people tie the knot.

In Denver, more than 5,000 marriage licenses have been issued so far this year. The total for 2015 was higher than 7,000. 

The most popular month, if you compare all of that data, is August.

So a lot of happy newlyweds are out there now.

Some unhappy ones, too. It's unfortunate. But unlike your ex, the numbers don't lie.

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